Do you own a lemon vehicle?

My name is Ashton Wood and I learned the hard way, that the current consumer laws in Australia do NOT protect owners of new motor vehicles.

If you have a vehicle with major issues, read on...

There are so many new vehicles manufactured with faults, that industry actually has a name for it... "A Lemon vehicle"... possibly because of the bad taste it leaves in your mouth.

There are currently a number of things people try to get a resolution:
  • Ask the dealer for help
  • Ask the manufacturer for help
  • Ask the Office of Fair Trading for help
  • Ask the ACCC to help
  • Raise a case with their local tribunal
After trying all of the above with no success, people come to me for help.

I've spoken with hundreds of consumers and met with some of the countries largest manufacturers to discuss consumer issues in detail.

Let's make something really clear... Consumers want a reliable vehicle and Manufacturers want to keep selling vehicles in Australia, so with that in mind, I have a conversation with the manufacturer in question about the consumer experience.

If you have a problem motor vehcile in Australia, please click this link HERE to let me know all about it.

If I have dialoge with your manufacturer, your case will be sent directly to their most senior staff for action, bypassing the runaround you can get from some local dealers and saving both you and the manufacture time and costs with court hearings, not to mention the bad press that can damage their brand.

If I do not have an existing dialogue with that manufacturer, I will collect your details and try to open a line of communication for you...
There will be some manufacturers who don't want to work in this way, but I think in-time, most will see the benefit of addressing customer concerns quickly and quietly, before the consumer goes to the media and tells everyone they know about their appauling service.

Click here to let me know about your problem car.